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Couple dies in car accident


“My parents were killed in a car accident. I was suddenly left without any financial and emotional support. All their assets were frozen.

But life goes on, there are bills to pay, plus my school fees and living expenses. How long can I depend on my relatives’ support? Why haven’t they (my parents) thought of all these before? IF only they have written a Will...”


Don’t let these happen to your children; don’t let them suffer because of your procrastination and ignorance. Without a will, your assets could be more trouble than benefit to your children at a time when they are most vulnerable.


Leave nothing to chance. Write your will today!


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 “I used to scold my husband for planning his death’’

I even teased & laughed at him for writing his will since he is still young, healthy and only start doing well in his career.

But now I appreciate his wisdom. When he passed away, all his assets were transferred to me without much problem and within a short time.

Thank God he has written his will! In fact this was the greatest gift he has given to me and our children”.


You may also think you don’t have much to give away. The truth is, writing a will has little to do with your net worth but everything to do with leaving a legacy of love and care.


So, how do you show your love? Keep it in your heart or show it in your will?


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