Your Will: A Lifeline for Their Journey Ahead

I am a senior Estate Planner with 14 years of experience in the Estate Planning industry, currently working at Rockwills Corporation.

My mission is to assist clients with comprehensive estate plans tailored to their needs, ensuring the smooth transfer of assets, provide for their loved ones, preserve their legacy, and empower future generations with a strong financial foundation.

Jessie Ooi Hooi Fong

Estate Planer

“My Will, My Story"

More about me

Prior to joining Rockwills, Jessie worked as accountant for more than 10 years in various MNC companies.

In year 2008, Jessie made a major decision on her career, she decided left her comfort working environment, embark her dream to become a Professional Estate Planner.

Jessie’s background in accounting equips her with various set of skills that make her well-suited to become estate planner.

She has a deep understanding of complex financial matters, enable her in developing comprehensive estate plans that help her client in maximise wealth preservation, minimise potential liabilities. It ensures a secure and stable future for their beneficiaries.

My WHY in Estate Planning Industry

I was a chartered accountant before venturing into Estate Planning in 2008.

It was through what happened to my family – sad happenings — that I saw the relevance and importance of estate planning. It was largely my father who unknowingly was the push factor that got me to consider switching careers to become an estate planner.

My late father inherited his lorry business from my grandfather. My grandfather was doing well during his lifetime, but he passed away at a young age. As he did not have a Will, his siblings quickly staked their claims to whatever assets or estate that he had, practically leaving nothing for my grandmother.

Luckily his lorry business was still left for the immediate family and my father had to step in to carry on the business. My father can be considered to have done well in the business. After all, it took care of the needs of his widowed mother and family, it also did provide for him to also raise our family.

Unfortunately, he did not have the financial know-how to build up his assets during his lifetime and as such, did not leave much for the family upon his death. In the last stage of life, he was in a nursing home.

Such are the typical sad stories of the older generation. The real-life experiences of my grandfather and that of my father impacted me a lot. I began to see the importance of financial literacy and how estate planning knowledge or lack of it can impact a person’s life and the generation or generations after him.

Being an accountant and a numbers person, I could see the value of financial literacy. More people should let their children inherit good financial literacy, which I feel is far more valuable than inheriting an estate.  

The Chinese belief that wealth inherited would not last more than 3 generations will not hold true anymore if the patriarch of the family leaves a sound estate plan and proper financial literacy for his children.

My career goal is to impart and impress more families in leaving a legacy of love that starts from estate planning and ends with wealth planning.

My Specialties

  1. Will Writing Service: Crafting comprehensive wills that ensure the proper distribution of assets and the fulfilment of your final wishes.
  2. Family Trust: You can create a Family Trust for the continued care and provide for your loved one financial well-being. This framework is important if you have following concerns:
  • Minor Children
  • Special Need Children
  • Single Parent
  • Take care Old Age Parents
  • Physical or Mental Incapacitated
  • Old Age Care
  • Spendthrift Beneficiary
  • Non-financial knowledge Beneficiary
  1. Declaration Trust: You can create a Declaration Trust standby for in the event of physical or mental incapacitated
  2. Business Solution: A solid estate plan is essential for a business owner to preserve their interests in the business and secure the financial well-being of their loved one. This is important if you have following concerns:
  • Husband & wife business
  • Business with friends
  • Family business inherited from parents.
  1. Proxy Trust: Have you use others name to buy property, run the business or any other investment? Ever think of how you get back your interest if the proxy passed-on?
  2. Family Foundation or Family Office: Legacy Planning for Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer and Ensuring Long-Term Financial Security.
  3. Charity Foundation

Let me share one of my most fulfilling client stories.

Throughout a decade of Estate Planning experience, I do have many fulfilling client stories. Let me share with you the story of one Mr Lee.

Mr Lee was introduced to me by a client of mine. He and his business partner were in the chemical business. When I first met Mr Lee eight years ago, he was keeping a busy schedule and was always travelling abroad on business.

He and his wife – parents to a teenage son and teenage daughter – knew that planning for their estate is important. Even though, they did not consider it as something to do urgently, they did get down to having a Will and Trust done before disaster struck.

Three years ago, Mr. Lee was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away subsequently.

In his Will, Mr Lee appointed Rockwills Trustee Berhad as the executor. That was good foresight on his part. He knew that his wife would not be emotionally strong and be capable of handling the execution of his Will had be appointed his spouse to be the executor. True enough Mrs. Lee went into depression after her husband’s death.

In addition to the right choice of executor, I also guided the couple on paying attention to resources optimization, resources liquidity, resources allocation and resources preservation in the estate planning process. In the end, the wishes of Mr Lee came true because his Will was well prepared and Rockwills Trustee as the right executor was appointed to ensure his instructions are carried out.

Resources optimization

As a businessman, most of Mr Lee’s financial resources was in the business. How can his family cash out these resources if they don’t have anyone in the family to step into Mr Lee’s shoes and continue running the business? How can his business partner find the cash to take over the shareholding of Mr Lee and pay his family? These and a host of other uncertainties will crop up if Mr Lee or his partner pass on without proper planning of business succession.

A Buy Sell Trust set up together with his business partner helped Mr. Lee’s family to get a fair value for his shares when he dies, which was what Mr Lee opted for in protecting the value of his business share, in his estate plan. It worked well and without hitches when Mr Lee passed away. The Trust facilitated the shareholding of his business to be acquired by his partner and the purchase consideration duly went to Mr Lee’s family.

Resources liquidity, distribution, proper allocation and preservation:

As an entrepreneur, Mr Lee not only re-invested into the business but also diversified his investment to include properties.

His liquid resources are just enough for family operation. I have advised him to re-allocate some of his resources from non-liquid to guarantee and liquid resources. And I helped him to set up a trust as a firewall to protect the bulk of his wealth against creditors. By doing so, it prevented him from dying insolvent; estate shrinkage; squandering by beneficiaries who are not good in financial management, prevent gold diggers into his family and left a good legacy to his children.

My Professional Qualifications & License

Professional Licenses

  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP) by the Estate Planning Practitioner Ltd, Singapore in collaboration with the Society of Will writes & Estate Planning Practitioners, Scotland
  • Capital Market Service Representative License (CMSRL) from the Securities Commission of Malaysia
  • Financial Advisor’s Representative License (FAR) from Bank Negara Malaysia

Professional Qualification

  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP)
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA), United Kingdom

My Achievement At Rockwills

  • Rockwills 100k Club Member 2009 – 2022
  • Rockwills Golden Club Member 2009 -2022
  • CEO Award Winner 2009 – 2022
  • Rockwills Rookie Award: Year 2009
  • Rockwills Achievers Congress Panel Speaker Year 2010
  • Rockwills Hall of Fame Awards
  • Rockwills Hall of Fame Family Foundation Advisory Awards Year 2020