The goal is not to live forever.
The goal is to create something that will

Estate planning is often overlooked until it is too late. Start planning now so you will not have to worry later. Rockwills is here to make things easy for you.


We are the largest professional Estate Planning company in the region. Our strong team of board members and management professionals are specialists in their respective fields of knowledge including legal, tax, accounting, family office and other estate planning services.


With years of experience and achievements, we are also the leading Will and Trust company in Malaysia that has every solution you need for your wealth succession issues. Get professional advice from our experts today!

Our Achievements

Pioneer in the region for Will Writing, Trust and Will Custody services.

Our Estate Planners have a wide range of experience in setting up different types of trusts.

We are top of mind for Will writing and have experience across a wide spectrum of clientele.

Our number of Estate Planners in Malaysia.

Our clients have entrusted us with billions worth of assets under trust.

Strong financial backing with assets valued at over RM50 million supporting our business.

Our Vision

To be a recognised world class centre of excellence in estate planning, custody services and wealth management support, catering to the whole market.

Our Mission

To support franchisees in providing their customers with high quality professional estate planning services.

Our Motto

Making Our Wishes Comes True!

Our Core Values

At Rockwills, our core values enable us to provide the best guidance and solutions for our clients in all aspects, especially in Estate Planning, Will and Trust services. Our company serves clients all over Malaysia, fulfilling their needs with our outstanding professional services.